To get a free webpage of your company please write to us with following detail:
- Name and slogan of the Company / Organization.
- Company logo with size 150 x 60 px, 5 Kb maximum.
- Detail Description: About your company, production facility/Sevices, products of your company, location and contact details.
- If you like to change the title of the menu, please mention seperately.
- Even if you can request us to add some more menu.
- You can send us some pictures of your products and facilities. (5 Kb max.)
- You must send us the text / picture that you like to show on the right column.
- This is completely a free service from BGDPORTAL, which includes a free email account too.
- You will not a have any access to edit the web, but we will do it in limit upon your request.
- The website design and contents are not transferrable in future. i.e. if you wish us to give the design and content of the website, we are unable to do that. But if you open your own website with Bgdportal Informatics then we will transfer the data to your new website.
- Upon getting the service you have to agree the terms and condition of

This part has been left for some common detail / description about your company or products or whatever you like.

You can even put some pictures also here